[Scribus] I really shouldn't open my mouth... but I'm going to

Calum Polwart scribus
Tue Oct 31 20:03:15 CET 2006

Ok - there are three things that stop me getting some of my windows
mates into scribus for their work. 

1. The tables thing - there is nothing I can do to sort that and so I
just have to live with it. 

2. The size of PDF it produces when I want a baby PDF for a web version.
In the past I've got the impression that fixing this would be tricky
because it all comes down to individual character placement instead of
word / lines.  So again I think I have to live with it.

3. Lack of booklet printing.  I know all the work around etc etc etc.
But these are Windows Users!  These are people who expect a paper clip
to pop up and ask if they need help writing a letter!  This is a very
common query on this list which makes me think it would be a popular

Now I may be wrong but I imagine this is possibly relatively easy to
code. After-all the difficult bit is presumably getting the PDF format -
and that's done. So (hence the title) what if I wanted to fix it myself.
I have a fair amount of coding experience in other languages but don't
even know what language Scribus is written in would it be worth my while
even attempting it?  Is there a place to look for help and if I did get
it working (hah!) then where would I go to post the "solution" and would
it be taken on by the team?  I've seen the naming convention wiki - but
was looking for more of a howto...

The plugin howto seems to be a broken link but I'm not clear if this
would be a plugin or a change to the actual core code (if there is a


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