[Scribus] OT - Guidance needed for Book Publishing

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Sun Oct 29 21:52:37 CET 2006


I plan to write a book (a thick one).  I have chosen TeX as the main
tool as I plan to convert the stuff to many forms, there will be math
stuff/diagrams/charts in the book and I need other things as well such
as TOC & Index.  I think it'll take at least 1.5 years to write.  I
have yet to go through the TeX book - so this will be a good project
to learn TeX.  I definitely plan to use Scribus and Inkscape for
page-layout where I can.

I absolutely do NOT know as to how to approach the publishers,
printers, handle copyright stuff and receive the revenue generated
from the book's sale. I even wonder as to what procedures/models the
publishers might offer me so that I can claim my revenue share.  If
anyone of you knows about this process then I would be thankful if you
could help me.  The book will be simply superlative but since I have
absolutely never! written any book at all - I am afraid I won't be
able to get the well-known publishers' attention.  I would like to
give this work to a US publisher.

I have also thought about posting it in an HTML form on the web and
earn from ads.  But in that case as well, I don't know how I can
minimize copyright problems.  I have seen PDFs of many of the
best-selling books at different places on the Internet.  So even if I
get it printed in a book form, there is no guarantee that its PDF
won't be posted on one or more of the Internet sites for simply free

I need your comments & advice.  Please send me your replies
off-the-list - as this is an off-topic post.

Best regards,


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