[Scribus] PDF color shift problem ?

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Oct 29 18:35:43 CET 2006

Dwain Alford wrote:
> check your color management settings.  as an earlier poster said, it's
> probably the cmyk view on your rgb monitor.  when i used pagemaker i would
> notice off color from a saved cmyk file, but all came back fine from the
> printer.  if you have a printer that you use regularly, ask to get his
> settings and match them on your computer.

Yes, that can often be the case if you're compensating for colour casts
and shifts introduced in the printing process (eg if you know the
printer is always heavy on the cyan). However, shifts can also be
introduced by gamut clipping issues and all sorts of other things. It's
not easy to say if they'll "go away" in printing without knowing what's
causing them or just printing a sample.

Further guesswork is pointless until Stu Steven can tell us what
settings, apps and versions he's using.

> i would like to see a feature added to scribus to allow custom pdf
> profiling ala adobe acrobat.  if it's there already, i haven't found it.  as it
> stands now, a printer would have to match the output of the scribus pdf (unless
> i'm incorrect).

I really don't understand what you mean by "custom PDF profiling". If
you're using profiles appropriate for your printer, then the printer
just sends the Scribus-generated PDF to the RIP .. that's it. It'll
either be pre-converted ("Printer" mode CMYK PDF) according to the
provided colour settings, or it'll be tagged (PDF/X-3 mode) for the
printer's RIP to do the right conversions internally.

Scribus DOES support ICC colour management and you can configure it with
appropriate ICC profiles for your inputs, your monitor, and your target
device. Is that what you meant?

Craig Ringer

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