[Scribus] PDF color shift problem ?

Dwain Alford dwain.alford
Sun Oct 29 15:48:41 CET 2006

check your color management settings.  as an earlier poster said, it's
probably the cmyk view on your rgb monitor.  when i used pagemaker i would
notice off color from a saved cmyk file, but all came back fine from the
printer.  if you have a printer that you use regularly, ask to get his
settings and match them on your computer.

i would like to see a feature added to scribus to allow custom pdf profiling
ala adobe acrobat.  if it's there already, i haven't found it.  as it stands
now, a printer would have to match the output of the scribus pdf (unless i'm


On 10/28/06, stu seven <stu7seven at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dwain - well... what I commented on originally was my thought
> that Scribus itself was incorporating some "auto-profiling" when
> saving/exporting to PDF... I still havent seen anyone say this is
> whats happening... as for me, that was all I did... save the *.sla,
> then export to PDF.  Odd result ey ?
> On 10/26/06, Dwain Alford <dwain.alford at gmail.com> wrote:
> > was the top picture saved to a cmyk color profile?  if not, that might
> > explain the difference in the two.
> >
> > dwain
> > >               http://stu7seven.googlepages.com/picdiff
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