[Scribus] beginner question - importing

binstock at peakpeak.com binstock
Fri Oct 27 17:54:54 CEST 2006

Dragging the mouse shows me the image.  I'd now like to shrink it
proportionally to a proper size within the Scribus document. Must I
"shrink" the original imported image (before it's imported) or can I use
the original large image and proportionally resize after the large image
is imported into Scribus?


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binstock at peakpeak.com schrieb:
> > Louis,
> >
> > Thnx for the prompt response. I went to Insert, then clicked on Image
> > Frame. That process put a small red rectangle into the empty document. I
> > right click on the red rectangle and am offered Get image. Then I find
> > tiff and "open" it via Scribus. No image appears in the document. But
if I
> > right click on the red rectangle again, Info mentions the photo I had
> > hoped to load, but I don't see the image on screen.
> >

It seems you created a very small image frame. You have to click and
drag the mouse while holding the button to specify the size of the image

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