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Fri Oct 27 17:37:33 CEST 2006

> > What is the reason that text boxes aren't suitable to provide the
appropriate columns, rows and
> > spacings in the discussion thread.
> >
> Discussions like this one always come down to effectiveness or
> productivity. The less you have to do to achieve your layout, the less
> time it takes. Drawing, manipulating, resizing, placing any object on
> the page take an amount of time. When you multiply the objects, you
> multiply the time. When you then change your mind and have to re-edit,
> you can suddenly discover that it would have been easier if things have
> been done another way.

This is the reason I posed the question.  I am working on a book layout that
requires a change from one column to two columns and back to one column at
irregular intervals throughout.  I did the original layout using linked text
frames.  But the project supervisor decided to make changes, lots of changes
to the copy, to the type size, even to the page dimensions.  These changes
did not come to me all at once.  He requested a different change with each
new draft.  So I have resized these text frames more times than I can count.

Had the copy had come to me fully edited, and had the layout originally
discussed proved satisfactory, text frames would have been adequate.  But
working for people who fail to appreciate the concept, "Measure twice, cut
once," having the option of multiple columns and rows that flow with the
story would save me a lot of grief and time.

(I provided an original sample page that was approved.  It wasn't until I
completed the layout that I heard, "Well, on second thought....")

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