[Scribus] New to email list - a short list of Scribus feedback

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Oct 25 23:48:38 CEST 2006

> > Using files over the network...
> > * When you are trying to open a file which is on another computer
> > over network, using the 'open file' dialogue box, I can't seem to
> > access the other computer even putting in it's //location/ (or what
> > syntax should I use - smb://10.0.etc. etc/etc?). I notice that
> > OpenOffice in Ubuntu 6.06 has improved this aspect of opening and
> > saving files over a network with mouse clicks (it's about giving a
> > sort of 'my network places' thing in the 'save' dialogue box.) (In
> > Windows I can solve this by 'mapping' the network drive, in Linux
> > I'm still learning how to do the equivalent - but sometimes you
> > just need to access a location without having to set up a 'map'.)
> >
> You will need to have a mount somewhere to save files. We do know 
> there is more work to make Scribus network transparent. I do not use 
> Ubuntu, so I can't help there.

I've recently switched from Fedora to Ubuntu.  The mount process seems
to be the way to go (for now at least) - not all applications seem to
support the Ubuntu / Gnome "Places" thing from what I've seen - if they
are KDE based you get KDE's networks thing...

Mounting in reality means editing /etc/fstab to add the relevant lines
here's an example:

//linux-samba-server/home /mnt/samba smbfs
username=user1234,password=pass1234 0 0

(all on one line, you'll need to use: "sudo vi /etc/fsatb" to edit it)
NOTE: Password will be visible - I'm sure if you google you'll find some
advice on protecting it

If you want that to then appear in your home folder then you might be
able to change /mnt/samba to /home/user1234/samba otherwise create a
symbolic link using (I've never bothered as I can find my way round the
linux file system but others may struggle)

sudo ln -s /mnt/samba /home/user1234/samba

To mount you need to then type the following

sudo mount /mnt/samba

When you next boot it should work automatically.

My experience is that it may be better however to keep the files locally
as scribus seems to take the huff if the network connection gets broken
and all your pictures disappear. (Close Scribus, fix network, reopen
scribus should solve it) but ? easier to drag copies locally if its an
option.  Although if it was a window$ box i'd never save anything
locally given the choice!!

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