[Scribus] Using Scribus to place multiple pages generated by Scribus on one page

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk
Sat Oct 21 16:34:54 CEST 2006

> Perhaps we need more feedback from Phillipp, but I was thinking he 
> wanted to shrink individual pages so that four of them fit on the final 
> pdf. I don't see anyway to do that by importing pages.
> Greg

I'll try to give some more information:
I want to create an 8 page document, it will be printed on paper folded
like the four-fold in the new document creation menu. Four pages will be
generated by Scribus, the other four by latex. The printer needs them in
one document and with Anschnitt (I don't know the English word), one pdf
page per side of the paper, so I have to place 4 Scribus-generated pages
on one pdf page.


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