[Scribus] slightly o/t: CMYK talk

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Oct 21 04:17:18 CEST 2006

stu seven wrote:
> + sometimes on the Scribus list, CMYK topics are discussed...
> and, recently I saw elsewhere "how CMYK tiff could be included in
> a Scribus document".
>    Also in this article, they say (sorry, I've lost the link) "using
> CMYK it is possible to exactly match on the user's computer
> what the printer will see" - in other words, eliminate the problem
> of pictures which look one way on your computer, but prints
> differently.  This, I think, has always been the basic use and benefit
> of CMYK... (Im r-e-a-l-l-y stretching this "scribus" question, I know :-)
>   ...so... now, if we want to actually do this in a Scribus document,
> what other tools are needed ?  I dont see CMYK tools in Scribus
> itself... it is good that Scribus does support such picture or color
> mode once it is done, but Im lost where to begin to produce such ?
CMYK itself is not quite the core of what you're asking about. It's 
really monitor profiling:


If you output in CMYK you are using a colorspace which is compatible 
with printing, which is different than RGB.

You might also check this out:



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