[Scribus] slightly o/t: CMYK talk

stu seven stu7seven
Sat Oct 21 00:47:45 CEST 2006

+ sometimes on the Scribus list, CMYK topics are discussed...
and, recently I saw elsewhere "how CMYK tiff could be included in
a Scribus document".
   Also in this article, they say (sorry, I've lost the link) "using
CMYK it is possible to exactly match on the user's computer
what the printer will see" - in other words, eliminate the problem
of pictures which look one way on your computer, but prints
differently.  This, I think, has always been the basic use and benefit
of CMYK... (Im r-e-a-l-l-y stretching this "scribus" question, I know :-)
  ...so... now, if we want to actually do this in a Scribus document,
what other tools are needed ?  I dont see CMYK tools in Scribus
itself... it is good that Scribus does support such picture or color
mode once it is done, but Im lost where to begin to produce such ?

whew... long question... maybe some CMYK / Scribus expert can
answer ?  Thanks

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