[Scribus] Scribus Tables

dwain.alford at gmail.com dwain.alford
Fri Oct 20 04:04:30 CEST 2006

Roger wrote:
> I find it very difficult to set the table to layer 1 and the shade text boxes each to another layer, 
> the shade boxes become unselectable.
> Text and image boxes become unselectable however I can enter text or image int the boxes.
> to make them selectable I have to shut down Scribus and restart.
> Can someone help please, I do not know what I am doing incorrectly.

it's interesting you ask this.  i have created a form using a table.  i 
put the form data on one layer and the table on another layer.  i also 
have client info on a layer with a drawn line to separate (since scribus 
does not have the ability to turn on and off individual cell borders -- 

what you have to do is create the layer first and then the table. 
create another layer and draw your shade text boxes into the cells.


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