[Scribus] Scribus Tables

Roger hovergo
Fri Oct 20 01:55:01 CEST 2006

I have started to use tables in Scribus to lay out lists for a Specifications document.
Can the rows and columns dialog be expanded to include column widths, row heights and  a column or 
row addition and deletion facility.
Also can the mouse clicking be altered so that one click selects a table cell and the second click 
open for inserting text into the cell.
It appears at present that I have to double click on the cell to select then double click to enter 
text, and with 150 cells its frustrating as sometimes several more clicks are needed to cancel one 
cell and select the next.

Also I tried placing colour filled text boxes under each column of the table filled with light 
semitransparent colours and no outline, however when I preview the print out the transparency has gone.
I tried selecting pdf 1.4 and pdf 1.5 but transparency becomes solid in screen preview.
I wanted a pdf for enquirers.

I find it very difficult to set the table to layer 1 and the shade text boxes each to another layer, 
the shade boxes become unselectable.
Text and image boxes become unselectable however I can enter text or image int the boxes.
to make them selectable I have to shut down Scribus and restart.
Can someone help please, I do not know what I am doing incorrectly.

Next, and I have no explanation for this one.
I mainly use A4 Portrait page orientation and have no trouble printing in greyscale or b&w.
I tried A4 Landscape page to give a wider page and the print out is a full page of light grey ink.
I print directly from Scribus most of th time, and occasionally as a pdf.
What am I doing wrong please.

Help appreciated

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