[Scribus] LinLibertine and Scribus – a few questions

Helge Hielscher hhielscher
Thu Oct 19 00:46:48 CEST 2006

I have got a reply by Phillipp Poll:

On 10/18/06, Philipp H. Poll wrote:
> > thanks a lot for providing the Linux Libertine font collection.
> >
> > What I would like to know is:
> > a) The Linux Libertine Project provides no sans serif typeface yet. What
> > other sans serif font goes along well?
> I think that sans serifs are not to be used in continous text. Sans
> serifs or grotesques are for accentuation only (titles, subtitles,
> caption). It depends on the feeling that you want to give your layout,
> which sans serif you should use. Personally I don't like these
> absolutely inorganic fonts like Helvetica (Arial) and its derivates.
> Personally, I like the Gill Sans or its modern derivates.
> > b) When using the Linux Libertine underlined in Scribus with justified
> > text there are gaps between the underline. Is this a Scribus or a
> > LinLibertine issue?
> Neither nor. Its a matter of good typography. In simple layout programs
> like OpenOffice or Word, you'll have less problems. But more complex
> layout software do their own tracking. I'm not yet sure, whether the
> underlined variant of Linux Libertine is really wanted and needed by
> users and which things have to be done to prevent gaps between the
> glyphs.
> > c) Does the oblique font contain a modern "z"?
> First of all, the libertine italic is a real italic and no oblique (at
> least for the latin glyphs). Secondary, I've already noticed that most
> English users don't like the Oldgerman z-Form. In future I will make an
> ordinary (faceless) z availible.
> > d) Are the italics of the Cyrillic letters supposed to be oblique or
> > is that about to change?
> This may change in future. It takes a lot of time to create a real
> italic. And I'm not confident with the current state of the latin glyphs
> at all. If the cyrrillic community will ask and help me, I'll do a real
> italic for the cyrrillic glyphs as well.
> > e) Is there any advantage/disadvantage of using the OTF vs. the TTF
> > fonts?
> Personally, I prefer the Adobe-Type1-technique over the TrueType. In the
> OTF-Form you get an improved form of Type1 with advantages of the
> unlimited charakterset and the opentype tables (i.e. substitutions and
> alternative glyph forms). This is great and the best form of Linux
> Libertine you can get. Unfortunately OpenOffice doesn't support OTF.
> This is why we produce both, OTF and TTF. (If there's anybody who can
> make OpenOffice support OTF, this would be great!)
> Philipp Poll
> Libertine Open Fonts Project

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