[Scribus] Research journal publishing

Jonathan Briggs jon
Tue Oct 17 18:04:05 CEST 2006

>> One of Scribus's current weaknesses, from our perspective, is that  
>> there
>> seems to be very little control over hyphenation. For example, there
>> doesn't seem to be a way (except maybe by modifying the hypenation
>> dictionary) of stopping two-letter breaks like "ex-ample", which we
>> don't allow. I might be misunderstanding something here -  is there  
>> any
>> way of manually tweaking the hypenation at particular points in the
>> text?
> I'm doing hyphens manually because Scribus (still?) saves every single
> possible hyphen in a quite bad way which causes really big files.
> Doing it manually is also the last chance for proofread in my workflow.

How do you do manual hyphenation? My attempts have haven't been very 
successful. Inserting a hard hyphen usually doesn't produce a line 
break, even when the following line is very open. The smart hyphen 
doesn't seem to do anything at all (I guess I'm misunderstanding its 

Another question - is it possible to anchor a graphics frame to the 
text, so it moves up and down with the text? Currently the only way of 
inserting an equation is via a graphics frame, but these have to be move 
manually when the text reflows.  (Roll on the LaTeX interpreter!)  
Alternatively, is it possible to insert graphics inline, like a glyph?


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