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Michael Koren kung42o
Tue Oct 17 04:05:41 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Jonathan Briggs wrote:
>> Is there a way of going from a given point in a text frame to the story 
>> editor, with the cursor at the corresponding place in the story editor? 
>> At the moment it seem that the cursor is always positioned at the 
>> beginning of the text, and it then takes time to locate the correct 
>> point, especially in a document running to 10 or 20 pages. It would be 
>> great if the story editor cursor would position itself at the same point 
>> in the text as the text-frame cursor.

Good idea. :)

>> Another suggestion for the story editor. It would be good if all the 
>> hidden structure (control codes, font changes, etc) of the text stream 
>> could be optionally revealed (a bit like the old Wordperfect 'reveal 
>> codes').
> There isn't much in the way of "control codes". If you look at an .sla 
> file you will see what I mean. One way to control/reduce complexity is 
> to use paragraph styles, in which case you can see all the features of a 
> given style.

I think that's a great idea! This seems to be one of the larger areas of
confusion that many people report working with longer text passages, given
the lack of character styles in 1.3.3.x (I just encountered it today

There aren't physical control codes in the file, but you could still show
some sort of marker in the story editor everywhere formatting is applied
that overrides the paragraph style--emphasis, change of font, size,
tracking, attributes, etc. Kind of like the red control symbols already
displayed for special characters like line and frame breaks. That way you
could see at a glance any formatting not covered by the paragraph style.

I'd vote to include this feature even in the stable branch to ease
production use (maybe I'll look at the code myself... :) .

> Greg

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