[Scribus] Research journal publishing

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Oct 9 15:44:28 CEST 2006

Jonathan Briggs wrote:
> Hello
> I'm currently testing Scribus ( under Fedora) to see whether we 
> could use it for our research journals, as a possible replacement for 
> our existing DTP software, 3B2.  Maybe it's a bit unfair to compare 
> Scribus with a very expensive piece of high-end software, but from what 
> I've seen of Scribus, it's very impressive.  I'm keen on using 
> open-source software wherever possible, and I think Scribus is a 
> definite possibility for the near future. I have a few queries and 
> suggestions, mostly related to the text engine (some of these I think 
> are on the roadmap, but I'll mention them anyway).  Please forgive me if 
> I've misunderstood anything.
> Is there a way of going from a given point in a text frame to the story 
> editor, with the cursor at the corresponding place in the story editor? 
> At the moment it seem that the cursor is always positioned at the 
> beginning of the text, and it then takes time to locate the correct 
> point, especially in a document running to 10 or 20 pages. It would be 
> great if the story editor cursor would position itself at the same point 
> in the text as the text-frame cursor.
You will probably find that for editing the text that using a text 
editor or word processor will be much more efficient, especially for 
long documents.
> Another suggestion for the story editor. It would be good if all the 
> hidden structure (control codes, font changes, etc) of the text stream 
> could be optionally revealed (a bit like the old Wordperfect 'reveal 
> codes').  Also, it would be great if some sort of non-printable markup 
> could somehow be embedded in the text, for example to indicate authors' 
> first names and surnames (eg for later extraction by a script).
There isn't much in the way of "control codes". If you look at an .sla 
file you will see what I mean. One way to control/reduce complexity is 
to use paragraph styles, in which case you can see all the features of a 
given style.
Document information can be entered in File > Document Setup > Document 
info, and this will not print with the document.


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