[Scribus] OO Writer

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Oct 14 16:20:13 CEST 2006

Tim Jowers wrote:
> Hello,
>   I'm looking for some help with creating a PDF. Trying to publish via
> LuLu. They need an Adobe-compatible PDF. Tried with 50 page dummy PDF
> from Scribus. 1.4 PDF. Good. Works. Tried with PDF from OO Writer.
> Bad. Fonts are not embedded. Also .ps from OO writer failed processing
> at LuLu.
>    So I hoped to go OpenOffice.org Writer -> Scribus -> PDF -> LuLu.
> No joy. Can anyone tell me how I might could "Get Text" (right click
> option) for a 412 page file? Right now my option seems to be to create
> 412 smaller files and do one at a time. And then re-place the 70 or so
> images and the charts.
> The book is at http://www.serviza.com/bizbook/SoftwareIsFree59.odt or
> http://www.serviza.com/SoftwareIsFree-ForBusiness.pdf
The short answer is that you're talking about a mountain of work to 
import into Scribus after already creating a 412 page book, though it's 

Check this thread:

which talks about using Distiller to make your project acceptable by Lulu.

Also, at some point check out the tutorial on the Wiki:

which may in the future help you organize the task of using oowriter and 
Scribus. Organization from the get-go is going to be the key to 
simplifying the process.

BTW, I scanned through your PDF, not so much for content, but I like the 
nice, clean look.


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