[Scribus] OO Writer

Tim Jowers timjowers
Sat Oct 14 00:06:09 CEST 2006


  I'm looking for some help with creating a PDF. Trying to publish via
LuLu. They need an Adobe-compatible PDF. Tried with 50 page dummy PDF
from Scribus. 1.4 PDF. Good. Works. Tried with PDF from OO Writer.
Bad. Fonts are not embedded. Also .ps from OO writer failed processing
at LuLu.
   So I hoped to go OpenOffice.org Writer -> Scribus -> PDF -> LuLu.
No joy. Can anyone tell me how I might could "Get Text" (right click
option) for a 412 page file? Right now my option seems to be to create
412 smaller files and do one at a time. And then re-place the 70 or so
images and the charts.

The book is at http://www.serviza.com/bizbook/SoftwareIsFree59.odt or

Thank you for any advice,

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