[Scribus] Intel mac support

Martin Costabel costabel
Fri Oct 13 19:29:06 CEST 2006

Jim Killock wrote:
> Hi there
> Any advance on an (easily) dowloadable set of binaries for Intel Mac?
> or maybe a page of advice on how to go about installing this from the  
> website?
> I've had a few tips from people but they've not been suitable for the  
> situation i have at work with the Green Party in England and Wales  
> (computers that need to be low maintenance and a minimum of custom  
> installations etc).
> In any case, I'd say that thee number of Intel mac users might  
> justify a simple set of instructions. That's the other situation we  
> have - a volunteer community that uses all kinds of PCs, Macs and  
> Linux boxes, and is very keen to move to Scribus, but a few key  
> people have Intel macs and currently I don't have an easy way of  
> getting them an install.

Here are the steps if they want to use Fink:

1. Make sure the xcode dev tools from the system disk are installed 
(plus the optional X11User.pkg if they want to use X11 graphics)
2. Download and install the Fink-0.8.1 installer for Intel from the 
fink.sourceforge.net web site.
3. Activate "unstable" as explained in the Fink FAQ and run "fink 
4. Run "fink install scribus-aqua". This will give scribus- with 
aqua graphics. Also available are scribus- with X11 graphics and 
scribus-1.2.5 with X11 graphics.

These new machines are so fast that this procedure, which compiles 
scribus and most of its prerequisites on the user's machine, does not 
take very long, typically half an hour.


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