[Scribus] new problem - where's the js coming from? [SOLVED]

dwain.alford at gmail.com dwain.alford
Wed Oct 11 00:57:15 CEST 2006

Maciej Hanski wrote:
> Dwain, I'm glad you've solved your issue
>> according to the tutorial, in screen/web mode the program generates 
>> javascript unless i'm reading it wrong.
>> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Your_first_PDF_form_with_Scribus
>> "One of the biggest advantages of Scribus is the possibility to create 
>> PDF forms with embedded JavaScript scripts."
> Actually, you are reading it wrong. Don't know where from you get the
> conclusion  that "in screen/web mode the program generates javascript".
> "The possibility to create  PDF forms with embedded JavaScript scripts"
> means that's it possible to _intentionally_ create JavaScript script and
> _intentionally_ embed them in PDF form elements such as text fields,
> e.g. to validate or calculate their value. That's it. You could also
> define a JavaScript script to be executed on opening your PDF form in
> Acrobat reader.
>> the problem i was having was with the js in the "date" function.  when i 
>> set the field to "plain" the problem vanished.
>> evidently, the js compiled by scribus has a bug that does not produce 
>> correct js.  that's my guess based on what the tutorial says and the 
>> actions that i have taken to correct the problem and the cues given by 
>> acrobat 5.
> Please submit this issue to the Scribus Bug Tracker http://bugs.scribus.net
> have fun:)
> Maciej

well, i guess my reading comprehension has hit rock bottom.  be sure to 
read my response to craig.

i'm having more fun than a human being ought to have!

thanks for your help.


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