[Scribus] Under Colour Removal?

cedric GEMY radar.map35
Tue Oct 10 21:35:40 CEST 2006


UCR is a special kind of mix between black and other colors. I don't 
really understand what is the trouble the printer had, but anyway.

You can modify UCR in print preview windows but i'm not sure how it will 
affect the exported document.

> Hi all,
> We've just used Scribus for the first time, to design some flyers. 
> Thanks for a really simple and powerful tool.
> We sent an eps to the printers.  They came back with our green grass 
> being a lot less green, more blue-grey.  We can still use them, but I 
> want to get it right next time.
> We haven't calibrated our monitors yet, but this is /way/ out.  When I 
> emailed the printer to enquire what we could do, he replied:
> "Yes, it is because you have used Under Colour Removal filter on the 
> picture. Just remove it."
> We're rather new to all this - what does this mean in Scribus terms?  He 
> probably thinks we are using Windows or Mac tools.

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