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Craig Ringer craig
Tue Oct 10 05:45:21 CEST 2006

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Am Samstag, 7. Oktober 2006 09:21 schrieb Roger:
>>>> Is there some way to import .pub files from Publisher besides copying
>>>>> them one at a time to Word and then to Scribus.  I'm editing a 173 page
>>>>> book and rather not load XP on the machine again.  I'm using SUSE 10.1
>>>>> on one machine and Xandros on another.
>> Light weight,  efficient, low overheads, readable by almost every
>> computer, consider plain txt files your best friend.
> Only in theory. As soon as you need more characters than ANSII (i.e. the 
> English alphabet, i.e. the smallest common denominator), you're screwed if 
> you try to share plain text files cross-platform.

It's not that bad. Most editors these days recognise the Unicode BOM 
(byte-order mark), allowing automatic encoding detection of utf-8, 
utf-16 and UCS-32 text files. (utf-8 doesn't need a BOM, but one can 
still be used as an encoding signature).

That said, you DO need to use well behaved editors, or at the very least 
record what encoding the file is in and make sure to tell your editor that.

> It's better to use real HTML (with proper character encoding, like ä)

HTML can actually have the same problem unless you either (a) declare an 
encoding for the document and use viewers and editors that respect it, 
or (b) convert everything to entities. Sadly, there are still apps that 
fail to do either of those things. Of course, you did specify the use of 
entities to handle encoding issues.

Craig Ringer

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