[Scribus] tables, was [Scribus in Linux+]

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Oct 10 03:30:16 CEST 2006

dwain.alford at gmail.com wrote:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> dwain.alford at gmail.com wrote:
>>> back to the article, did i understand correctly that scribus can produce 
>>> a presentation similar to ms powerpoint and open office impress?
>> In essence, what you can do is to use a PDF for your presentation. Thus, 
>> Scribus gives you all its layout capabilities for creating your 
>> presentation.
> thanks, greg.  as i read the getting started with scribus wiki, i am 
> picking up some things.
> i asked this question in my first post, let me pose it again a bit 
> differently:
> in pagemaker 6.52, you can "turn off and on" each side of a cell.  in 
> scribus you can only turn printing on or off for the entire table or 
> cell.  is there plans in a future release to add this feature, or is it 
> felt that a feature such as this is not needed, because it can be done 
> in open office and imported into scribus?
When you first create a table, you might think of it just as the 
"framework" of a table, a series of text frames arranged like a table. 
The borders of each text frame or cell as a default have no color, so 
therefore they don't show. The Properties tool is something which is 
essential feature for manipulating frames.
In Properties, there is a tab named "Line" in which you can select which 
of the sides of a cell to show and alter, then in the "Color" tab you 
indicate what color you want the sides to be. Each cell can have a 
different color, style, and thickness to its sides (borders), but all of 
the sides that show will have the same color, style, and thickness.

Right now no one is satisfied with the current implementation of tables, 
so they will be improved in the future. For a complex table, the 
recommendation currently is to make it somewhere else and import as an EPS.
> i am looking forward to learning more about scribus and using it as a 
> platform for printing art work that i create in inkscape.  and speaking 
> of inkscape, i had placed an inkscape svg in scribus and received a 
> message that some of the properties were not supported by scribus.  i 
> assume tighter integration is still under way?  didn't i read something 
> about this recently on the list?  i'm using on a windows 2000 
> platform.
You're as up-to-date as you can be with importing Inkscape SVGs. I 
haven't tried it yet but gradients are supposed to be improved in -- this has been the main problem I have noticed in the past, 
most other SVG elements come in pretty well. There is always the option 
to export from Inkscape to a bitmap for something difficult, just make 
it big enough to get the resolution you need.


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