[Scribus] Presentations with Scribus

dwain.alford at gmail.com dwain.alford
Mon Oct 9 21:05:39 CEST 2006

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> dwain.alford at gmail.com schrieb:
>> back to the article, did i understand correctly that scribus can produce 
>> a presentation similar to ms powerpoint and open office impress?
> It's not *exactly* what you can do with the big Office-Suites ... but 
> Scribus supports the presentation-effects of the PDF-format. Long ago, I 
> and other build some examples:
> http://www.scribus.net/index.php?name=Downloads&req=viewdownload&cid=5
> But I saw that the files there are realy out of date ... what do you 
> think, would it be worth to build them again?
> Best,
> Tom
hi tom,
of course it would be worth it.  i looked at the manual for scribus and 
it could use an update.  the english and some of the grammar could use 
some tidying up and there are some misspellings that need correcting.

what better way for me to learn the program than to rewrite the manual.  
i use the windows operating system, so i would need some input from the 
linux users on how the program differs for them (screen shots, etc.).  i 
could also edit the other manuals for clearer english and grammar.

i hope i don't sound arrogant about the english and grammar thing.  my 
wife and i are helping my nephew and his family to learn english.  they 
are immigrating from germany this month and their english needs 
improvement (by his own admission).

this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to contribute to the 
project.  may i?


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