[Scribus] [spam] Re: How to insert farsi text ?

Lamia Vermel lamia.vermel
Mon Oct 9 15:12:07 CEST 2006

Thanks a lot !!

Maciej Hanski a ?crit :
> Lamia Vermel napisa?(a):
>> Hi,
>> I am french and I'm working voluntarily for a persian association and I
>> have to carry out a quarterly newspaper.
>> My computer runs under Windows XP (LSD) but I can also work on Linux.
>> Here is my problem:
>> The newspaper must be bilingual (french/farsi), I'm facing problems on
>> the persian part as when I copy and paste a farsi text or import it, the
>> letters seem to be disconnected and inside out.
>> I already installed persian unicode fonts on my system persannes
>> unicodes and also modified the Regional Options into Farsi, but nothing
>> works (it's as if I wrote everything in uppercase).
>> There would the possibility to insert manually the special caracters but
>> I will take me an eternity ...
>> If anyone can help, I would be very grateful !!
>> Thanks a lot !!!
> Hi Lamia and welcome to the Scribus mailing list,
> I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but it doesn't seem to be possible yet --
> the support for non latin languagues is planned for Scribus 1.3.6
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/1.3.x_Roadmap#1.3.6 and the Scribus
> team has been working on the upcoming 1.3.4 release for the last months.
> See also the following RFE:
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=3965
> cheers
> Maciej
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