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Pierre Marchand capparis
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Le Sat, 07 Oct 2006 11:00:31 -0400, Louis Desjardins
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> Peter Nermander a ?crit :
> >> Just as a side note and if it can save coding time, the
> >> juxtaposition of .pdf and .sla files into one imposition seems to
> >> me not /that/ necessary since it is so easy to create a .pdf from
> >> a .sla file right into Scribus. Unless I miss something!
> > 
> > You are just missing one small detail: Editing possibilities.
> > 
> > When importing from PDF you can not edit the content on the imposed
> > sheet. If importing SLA you can do minor tweaking.
>  From the workflow point of view, I have to disagree with you. When a 
> page is imposed, it means it has been proofed and accepted. At this 
> point, we are in front of contract proofs and if we have to make
> *any* change (be it as tiny as you wish), it's going to have to be
> proofed again. Who will want to be responsible if anything gets
> screwed up by a minor change that results in a change somewhere else
> on the page? Not the printer.
> I don't think we need editing capabilities once imposition is done
> and if we do have them, I would not work that way neither would I
> suggest anyone to do so. But still, people just work the way they
> want.
> My point was not to add or to avoid editing possibilities. I was 
> thinking about saving coding time and considering the safeness of the 
> workflow (otherwise, why would we want a workflow, or even talk about 
> it) PDF files are OK. I hope it this is clearer now!
> I would even suggest the output of an imposition to be PDF only. But
> you may find this too restrictive. But again, please consider the
> workflow. To me, such a decision is similar to the one taken about
> false italic and bold. We get comments as to being too restrictive
> but I am ready to stand with that decision, having known too well
> what issues can occur when people play around with fonts that look
> good on screen but don't print.
Another thing is if you make this imposition stuff with Scribus
objects, when you rotate or translate the objects  to achieve
imposition, Scribus will relayout the content of the frames (especially
pageitem_text) and you can't do anything against that. From the
experience I got of trying to code an imposition plugin, it's a big
work to reproduce exactly text  frames (may be a problem with
1.3.4cvs paragraph styles ?) and my new try will be more simply to
insert  "a b c d e f cm" here and there ;) in pdf output.
> I hope not to sound too discouraging. :)

Oh que non, ?a remet tout ? fait cette fonctionnalit? ? sa place :
tout en bas dans la "TODO List" .
> Louis
> > 
> > /Peter
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