[Scribus] Mulatiple page print-out

a.l.e xale-linux
Fri Oct 6 18:12:46 CEST 2006

hello, i'll incriminate myself, then :-)

actually, the handling of multipage output was on my shoulders and i don't have any other scribus priority.

... it's just that life has set other priorities to me :-(

but after all that mails, i fear that i urgently should do something about it. and i will do it.

it's just a pity, that a hard disk crash has rolled back the few tries,
i've already done this spring. it's a chance, that the whole description of the work i planned to do is still in the wiki (please, if you want to contribute to the effort, read the wiki and add your comment in there!).

sorry that you had to wait that long.


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