[Scribus] installation issues

Plinnell mrdocs
Wed Oct 4 23:40:34 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 04 October 2006 21:36, Loren Wohlgemuth wrote:
> I've installed Scribus on a Windows XP box, but the program
> crashes on startup (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION), during the
> Creating Font Cache process.
> What have I done wrong?
> I already installed GDI+, FreeType


With Windows XP GDI+ is already installed. Freetype is bundled with 
the Scribus install. I am not sure, but the download version may not 
be compatible with XP. 

I would remove both, then remove Scribus, the Scribus preference files 
and re-install Scribus. On Windows the preferences file is under 
Documents and Settings/%username/.scribus

Other possible causes a severely broken freeware True Type font - even 
though Scribus has lots of 'self-defence' code to prevent fonts from 
causing crashes. Do you have a lot of freeware True Type fonts 
installed ?

One other issue we have learned is some custom themes *do* cause 
problems with Scribus, hence we have strongly recommended disabling 
them when running Scribus.

Lastly, please do not send HTML mail to a mailing list. It is simply 
not good netiqette. I am being polite and this is a very civilized 
group. Other lists I know of would enjoy a flamefest directed at 
you - just for sending HTML mail.

Hope that helps,
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