[Scribus] Tutorials

Axel Bojer axelb
Wed Oct 4 22:03:21 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman skrev:
> Nicholas Vettese wrote:
>> Not that I have any clue about how the Wiki is setup, but can't you add
>> '<br />' tags before and after an image so that the text is not trying
>> to wrap around it, but rather staying at the top and bottom of it?
> That's not really the issue -- it's the width of the graphics at this 
> point. Originally, the fact that some were aligned right was also a 
> problem, but that's been changed.
> I'm afraid that if we scale the graphics down too far (which I've 
> already done while experimenting) then people can't read them, and then 
> you might as well just have thumbnails.
> I can probably fix Chapter 3, but it will take some time to redo the 
> words with Gimp or some other program.
> I just hope someone doesn't expect the tutorial to be usable on a PDA 
> some day.
> Greg

Greg, look at the images as they are now and see if it reads as good as 
you want (i rescaled page 3,6,9 and 11 I think).
Better images would be needed some places, not because I rescaled them, 
but because they are a bit fuzzy as are. But big and readable images 
gives slow lined browsers slow loadtime, so ...

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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