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Craig Ringer craig
Tue Oct 3 06:36:22 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> kreinert at esu7.org wrote:
>> Hello! My students and I are attempting to create a HS newspaper using Scribus, and one "issue" we are having is printing drafts of what is going on 'on the computer screen.' We have a "custom" size of paper...12.5 x 22.5," and a regular HP Laserjet printer. What can I do so that we can print out"minature drafts"? Thanks for your help. 
> Hi Kari,
> My suggestion is /not/ to print it at all. Make a PDF and view the PDF. 
> That's what Scribus is designed to do, and I think you can trust your 
> PDF viewer to show it like it is.

Yep. The PostScript printing support is very much a second citizen to 
PDF export. Adobe Reader with a Scribus PDF _will_ do a better job, and 
is really the only option if you use transparency in your documents.

That said, it should still work just fine except for transparency, at 
least on *nix (including Mac OS X) with CUPS. Features should be limited 
by CUPS and your PPDs rather than Scribus. I thought CUPS supported 
scaling to the physical page, but that might be something specific to 
the network laser printers I use at work.

If you're on win32, it uses a GDI-based print process that also seems to 
work pretty well, and should give you access to the full facilities of 
your printer drivers.

Craig Ringer

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