[Scribus] Printing

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Oct 3 03:52:32 CEST 2006

kreinert at esu7.org wrote:
> Hello! My students and I are attempting to create a HS newspaper using Scribus, and one "issue" we are having is printing drafts of what is going on 'on the computer screen.' We have a "custom" size of paper...12.5 x 22.5," and a regular HP Laserjet printer. What can I do so that we can print out"minature drafts"? Thanks for your help. 
Hi Kari,

My suggestion is /not/ to print it at all. Make a PDF and view the PDF. 
That's what Scribus is designed to do, and I think you can trust your 
PDF viewer to show it like it is.

Just as you can pass around paper copies of drafts, you can pass around 
the PDF file for anyone to check out. Once you get used to using 
Scribus, I think you'll find you don't need all those drafts.

If you insist on putting it on paper Adobe Reader can shrink it for you.


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