[Scribus] Multiple pages on one sheet

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach
Mon Oct 2 23:12:18 CEST 2006

Dnia poniedzia?ek, 2 pa?dziernika 2006 16:51, Karl Sinn napisa?:
> With Acrobat Reader you can print all the pages on one sheet. Just set
> the options in the print dialog.

AR adds its own borders/margins which is rarely good.

Here is script:

# a7-up8.sh
# Author: Mikolaj Machowski ( mikmach AT wp DOT pl )
# Date: 2.10.2006
# Description: montage one A7 graphic as 8 on one A4-sized image.

# Note: Scribus PNGs are HUGE, it doesn't have effect on IM output but
# you may want to save some space and time for future transformations.
# Commented as not always desired operation.
# When format of file is lossy you should declare -quality argument with
# best value
# convert $1 $1

# Scribus exports images with dark grey border. It is too dark to work
# as marker, replace with light gray. To remove completely adjust
# bordercolor to background color of your page
convert -shave 1x1 -border 1x1 -bordercolor LightGray $1 b$1.png

# Create up8 page with proper rotation
montage -rotate 180 b$1.png b$1.png b$1.png b$1.png -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 
montage $1-4.png -rotate 180 $1-4.png -geometry +0+0 -tile x2 $1-8.png
convert -rotate 90 $1-8.png $1-8.png

# Remove auxiliary files
rm -f b$1.png $1-4.png
# And move output file to sane filename
mv -f $FNAME ${FNAME/%.$EXT-8.png/-up8.png} 

Works very nice.


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