[Scribus] Freedom Yug tutorial

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Oct 2 20:39:22 CEST 2006

John R. Culleton napisa?(a):
>> PDF version (TomZ): Thomas, converting the tutorial into PDF's  and
>> keeping those PDF's up to date at this stage of it's and Scribus's
>> development would be sort of wasting your worthy manpower while it is
>> bitterly needed somewhere else in the Wiki (FreedomYug tutorial, it's
>> German version, German Wiki). We could target producing and delivering
>> such PDF's (perhaps as one PDF file including the tutorial along with
>> "the best of the wiki" articles) later on, shortly before Scribus 1.3.x
>> gets stable. Meanwhile, those wanting to read it off screen can simply
>> hit their browser's "Print" button.
>> cheers
>> Maciej
> There are at several problems with that approach. First, you can get pages
> loaded with extraneous borders, anchors etc. Second, if the
> organization of the document _depends_ on html anchors then the
> printing out becomes tedious indeed. Third, such useful
> appurtenances as a good TOC and a good topic index (with page
> numbers) are missing. 

TOC and topic index: both points taken. I will try to improve the TOC.
If you would like to start a good topic index yourself or just make a
more specific proposal here, it would be very much appreciated.

> I could create such a pdf but obtaining the multiple graphics in
> a density suitable for print would also be a problem. I would
> have to recreate them I suspect. 

This is what I suspect too.

> I respectfully suggest that any such documentation could more
> usefully be prepared with both audiences in mind: the online
> audience and the print audience. There are tools such as XML and
> docbook that could be looked at. 

Actually, my olde Polish version for 1.2.x
http://linux.hanski.info/static/scribus/index.html was made with
XEmacs/Docbook (XML version), pretty much for the abovementioned
reasons.  But, there are two big disadvantages to this workflow which
render it hardly usable for what we are up to: the high learning curve
and, most important, we could never reach the high level of
collaboration we have now on the Wiki. In the long, the easiness to
extend  and to keep  the tutorial up to date will spare us more time and
let more people do the job than the Xemacs/Docbook method.

> In the meantime I will revisit the online version to evaluate the
> labor involved in a conversion. Happily I have nothing more
> substantive to contribute so that my effort cannot be deemed a
> waste of time. 

Knowing your e-mail signature and considering how long you have been on
this list, I very much doubt this statement is true, John:) You could
contribute a lot in terms of reviewing, correcting, starting new
chapters, commenting, creating a good topic index:)


BTW: FreedomYug has to do with the term "Yug" (era, epoch):

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