[Scribus] Freedom Yug tutorial

John R. Culleton john
Mon Oct 2 16:52:44 CEST 2006

On Friday 29 September 2006 07:25, Maciej Hanski wrote:
> Gregory Pittman napisa?(a):
> > I've done more work on the tutorial version on the Wiki. (pages 8 and 9)
> > Here's the start:
> > http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Get_Started_with_Scribus
> > Please check it to make sure it makes sense. I think it's time to make a
> > link from one of the categories on the main Wiki page.
> Greg, I've just placed this link more prominently on the main page --
> just to make sure, it cannot be overlooked by new Scribus users. I'm
> firmly convinced it will finally evolve to an obligatory springboard to
> other, more specific Scribus Wiki articles. IMHO, we should _always_
> encourage new users to go through it first.
> Speaking of extending and improving the tutorial: I would like to
> strongly encourage other Scribus users -- at least those who had
> volunteered two months ago -- to join "the usual suspects" (Greg,
> Christoph, Ludi,me) and  help to make this tutorial as newbie friendly
> as possible. If you are uncertain  of your ideas or merely want to
> express some contructive critisism, just click on the "Discussion" tab
> and place your comments there. Tell us what is wrong/missing, but do it
> within the Scribus Wiki, and it will be very much appreciated.
> PDF version (TomZ): Thomas, converting the tutorial into PDF's  and
> keeping those PDF's up to date at this stage of it's and Scribus's
> development would be sort of wasting your worthy manpower while it is
> bitterly needed somewhere else in the Wiki (FreedomYug tutorial, it's
> German version, German Wiki). We could target producing and delivering
> such PDF's (perhaps as one PDF file including the tutorial along with
> "the best of the wiki" articles) later on, shortly before Scribus 1.3.x
> gets stable. Meanwhile, those wanting to read it off screen can simply
> hit their browser's "Print" button.
> cheers
> Maciej

There are at several problems with that approach. First, you can get pages
loaded with extraneous borders, anchors etc. Second, if the
organization of the document _depends_ on html anchors then the
printing out becomes tedious indeed. Third, such useful
appurtenances as a good TOC and a good topic index (with page
numbers) are missing. 

I could create such a pdf but obtaining the multiple graphics in
a density suitable for print would also be a problem. I would
have to recreate them I suspect. 

I respectfully suggest that any such documentation could more
usefully be prepared with both audiences in mind: the online
audience and the print audience. There are tools such as XML and
docbook that could be looked at. 

In the meantime I will revisit the online version to evaluate the
labor involved in a conversion. Happily I have nothing more
substantive to contribute so that my effort cannot be deemed a
waste of time. 

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