[Scribus] Multiple pages on one sheet

Bernard G Hill berni
Mon Oct 2 12:45:26 CEST 2006

This is my first call to this list as I am new to Scribus.

I am trying to print eight A7 size pages, all the same, on one sheet of
A4 paper. The pages are in Landscape format and need to be printed on
paper in portrait format. So far I have had no success, I always end up
with very much reduced images although the eight pages should fit nicely
onto the sheet. How can I achieve the result which is wanted? Is it
possible to print eight copies of one page on the sheet or do I have
make eight copy pages of the one page? That seems to be the only way I
could get eight prints, but as I have said these printed out at a much
reduced scale.  

Another problem with printing is that Scribus will only print to the
default printer. I have two PS printers, one A3 monochrome on a parallel
port and one A4 colour printer on USB. Output is always sent to
whichever printer is set as the default and choosing to send to the
other printer has no effect.

I am using Scribus running under Ubuntu 6.06.

Please accept my apologies if this is something which has an obvious
answer which I should have known about.

Thanks in anticipation for any help which is available.

Bernard G Hill

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