[Scribus] Line above images in greyscale

Roger hovergo
Thu Nov 30 05:34:41 CET 2006

  very light line about 0.2 px across the top of every
  WYS is (not always) WYG. I am not saying it's
not a bug, though. There might be something else. Of course, there is
nothing like a good investigation on your file.


Hi Louis

Thanks for your kind response.
No lines show on the monitor, at any zoom level, I normally work between 40percent and 180 percent.
Strange it appears to be only when printing directly from Scribus and right on the very top edge of
every image,
I dont believe it is the image box, just the image, and I don't think it's a bug, just a curiosity.
It appeared in the pdfs I sent for publication a few months ago but not since,
I routinely remove as much of the blank space outside the image as possible.
this edition of the newsletter seems Ok as pdf.
When I get  time I'll go thru the sla file.

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