[Scribus] RGB vs CMYK

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Nov 27 02:48:28 CET 2006

avox wrote:

>> I've experimented with both and the soft-proofed images
>> appear quite different on screen as well as in PDF, but
>> maybe this is just because the ImageMagick conversion isn't
>> very good and I should be using another image processing
>> software to do the RGB to CMYK conversion (or leaving it
>> to the printer's own RIP)?
> I think ImageMagick's RGB->CMYK conversion is unmanaged,
> so you shouldnt use it. You should trust Scribus to do the
> right thing during PDF export.

tifficc and jpegicc from the LittleCMS package can do managed
conversions, but they're not super user friendly. Since Scribus does the
same thing internally (using the same library) when exporting to PDF,
you might as well let Scribus do it.

Craig Ringer

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