[Scribus] Deleting pages

ols6000 at sbcglobal.net ols6000
Sun Nov 19 22:30:07 CET 2006

Scribus, Windows XP

I have a 64-page document which has text boxes and image frames in pp 
1-22 (remainder are empty). I'm trying to split it into two 
documents, because I can't place more images in the original.

When I use the delete Page/Delete... function, what I expect is for 
the text boxes and image frames on the deleted pages to be removed 
from the document. Instead, what I see is the text and images are 
simply moved into the remaining pages, so the effect is that pages 
are chopped off the end of the document. Since these pages are empty, 
nothing is accomplished; i e, the effect is the same as if I had 
deleted the higher-numbered pages.

Is this how Scribus is supposed to work? Is there any way to delete 
pages in the expected manner besides deleting the text boxes and 
image frames individually, and then editing the text in the story editor?

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