[Scribus] postscript fonts in scribus

Riku Leino tsoots
Sun Nov 19 19:28:56 CET 2006

Terence Chan wrote:
> Does anyone know how scribus handles the postscript
> Type 1 fonts (or any other fonts for that matter) in an imported
> .ps document? In particular, the fonts are displayed correctly
> even if the fonts themselves are not in scribus's font path;
> similarly if the final scribus document is exported to PDF, the
> fonts appear correctly in the PDF viewer but they do not appear
> in the list of embedded fonts

If you look the text parts of your ps import in Scribus closer you'll notice 
that those are not in a text frame but are converted to outlines ie. those 
are just vector graphics in Scribus. That's the reason Scribus doesn't need 
the font path and pdf won't show them embedded. Those will print fine only 
drawback is that it's not that easy to edit such texts in Scribus.

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