[Scribus] postscript fonts in scribus

Terence Chan terence
Sun Nov 19 19:15:15 CET 2006


Does anyone know how scribus handles the postscript
Type 1 fonts (or any other fonts for that matter) in an imported
.ps document? In particular, the fonts are displayed correctly
even if the fonts themselves are not in scribus's font path;
similarly if the final scribus document is exported to PDF, the
fonts appear correctly in the PDF viewer but they do not appear
in the list of embedded fonts (in fact if the only text comes from
an imported .ps file, no fonts are listed at all by the Acrobat
reader). This is in contrast to a .ps file converted  directly
to .pdf, where the fonts do appear in the list of embedded
fonts. I just want to know if the fonts will be printed correctly
if the PDF file is sent to a commercial printer.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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