[Scribus] Multiple fonts in one line

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Nov 18 03:43:50 CET 2006

Michael Koren wrote:
> OrpheusJim wrote:
>> I am creating a program for a choir performance, and I would like to
>> accomplish the following in one line.
>> Song Name {flush left, Arial regular 12 pt}  composer {flush right, Arial
>> italic 10 pt}
>> Ideally I would like to have a list of such lines in one text block.
>> I am a "newbie" with DTP and Scribus and am very impressed. Any help would
>> be appreciated.
>> Cheers - Jim
> I think tabs would be the normal(?) way to do that--you'd need a right tab
> stop at the right edge of the frame (set them up in frame or paragraph style
> properties). But you'd have to apply the font properties manually to each
> item.
> The alternative is to use two columns in the frame and enter the two lists
> separately (do an insert->column break after the end of the list of songs to
> go to the next column). Then you can apply alignment and font settings once
> to each list, but you have to manually make sure the two lists stay lined up
> with each other.
It seems what's needed is something that works like the '\hfill' command 
in LaTeX, which is exactly what Jim is asking for. There must be some 
way of implementing this.


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