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Bill Harris bill_harris
Fri Nov 17 18:41:10 CET 2006

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ljedi at comcast.net writes:

> Thanks for all your help, everyone -- I tried all of your suggestions,
> but no luck.  I am quite thrilled to know of some of these options,
> however.

When all else fails, what about using a search program to look for
myfile* across your entire filesystem, assuming your original was
myfile.sla?  It may indeed be gone, but that should find it if it's

Windows has Start -> Search, and *nix (and thus OS X and Cygwin) have

Here's a thought for the future, although it might not have helped in
your case: store your files in a revision control system.  .sla files
are plain text, so that should work well.  I know subversion and cvs
have advantages, but I currently use Windows, and I've been quite happy
with the free CS-RCS
(http://www.componentsoftware.com/Products/RCS/download.htm).  It won't
save you if the system crashes, but it can help when your client says,
"I liked last week's version better" (or when I make changes that turn
out to be unfortunate and want to go back a revision or two).

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