[Scribus] Using Pantone colors fails

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Fri Nov 17 00:44:41 CET 2006

Plinnell napisał(a):

>> What exactly is out of date? We should make it up to date again:)
> I should have said *soon* to be out of date :)


>>> Scribus can import
>>> spot colors via the Edit > Colors from other documents. In
>>> 1.3.4cvs, you can import spot colors of all kinds directly from
>>> EPS, PS and even some .ai files.
>>> The issue you are hitting is the way the spot colors are embedded
>>> in the PDF. That should work fine in 1.3.4.
>> Will spot colors  work reliably in the stable 1.3.3.* branch?
> If you can convince Franz to backport it. Feasible ? No idea. 
>The way 
> it works in 1.3.4 is very clever though and I will update the docs 
> accordingly.

:) I'm confused. Do we really need to backport  this from the unstable
branch? Has the current spot color solution in 1.3.3.* stopped working
and isn't fixable anymore?


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