[Scribus] How to use paragraph styles to align with baseline grid?

Alexis Bellido alexisbellido
Thu Nov 16 16:57:03 CET 2006

Hi, after reading the great post on how to use the baseline grid and
paragraph styles at:


I followed the advice and create a style called H1, using Arial 24pt and a
baseline grid of 14.4pt.

My body text is 12pt .

I'd like my H1 paragraph to be consistent and use a multiple of 14.4pt, like
28.8pt, but if I choose "align to baseline grid" it uses the same 14.4pt as
the grid. How can I control that? Or just have to use fixed linespacing and
manually move my text frame? If so, what's the best way to align the text in
my text frame with the baseline grid?

I'm running Scribus on Fedora Core 5 and also tried with 1.3.3 with
the same results.


Alexis Bellido
Honest music, movies and books reviews at http://www.mumobo.com
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