[Scribus] Can Scribus?

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach
Wed Nov 15 18:24:00 CET 2006

Dnia ?ro lis 15 2006, andre at pixelplexus.co.za napisa?:
> Could I do this with Scribus? (my Coding background is thin, mostly some
> PHP hacking and Actionscript)

Theoretically you could do it in Scribus (generate sla files by script)

Quoting Thomas R. Knoll from "Batch DTP" thread several days ago:
I think that's a bit complicated. I'm generating Scribus files and
PDFs of HTML but a lot of manual work is necessary.

For total automation in your place I would go with PHP -- non-web, just as
scripting engine for parsing of text data + ImageMagick -- for image
creation, manipulation. IM supports CMYK but I don't know how good it
is or how to do it in reality (just checked docs).

Con: no-GUI.


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