[Scribus] Can Scribus?

andre at pixelplexus.co.za andre
Wed Nov 15 11:48:25 CET 2006


I hope someone can tell me weather or not Scribus would be appropriate for
the following project.

My client generates labels that go onto shelves, based on data they
receive in spreadsheet format. Of course the designer has created
templates in Photoshop or Corel Draw, copies and pastes the info in,
massages the lay-out and and saves print ready 8-up files. This takes
around 5 mins per label x a couple of houndred every month.

I would like to automate most of this process (will have to be on Windows

I?ve considered using Flash, and a print to file driver (and/or a
swf2exe), but flash only supports RGB colour space as far as I can tell, I
need to work in CMYK. I?ve started looking at the option of scripting it
in Corel Draw?s VBA, but VBA still looks a bit greek to me, and if I?m
going to learn something new I?d rather it not be a dead-end MS technology

Esentailly I need to import & parse text and based on values of specific
fields auto-format graphic elements (possibly also import certain graphic
ellements) ? preferably have the user double check layout - and export
something print ready.

Could I do this with Scribus? (my Coding background is thin, mostly some
PHP hacking and Actionscript)

Any advice/pointers much appreciated!


Andr? SC

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