[Scribus] Kerning HOWTO

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Nov 15 03:54:09 CET 2006

Rich Shepard wrote:
>    I use Scribus infrequently and forget how to do some things such as
> kerning letters in the headline of a brochure. I cannot find 'manual
> kerning' in the local help, except as a feature. Sigh.
>    On the web site, I found a description on page 4 of the tutorial. However,
> the description does not match the version installed here.
>    I click on the headline frame and select the 'edit frame contents' icon:
> an uppercase 'A' with a bar icon to its right (not the hand/icon described
> in the tutorial). Then I click between two letters and ... that's it. I
> cannot find how to get to an appropriate properties box that has a kerning
> widget. When I select Edit->Properties, I get something that does not match
> the font in use and there is no place to adjust kerning.
Kerning is also referred to as Tracking in some descriptions. You need 
to select (highlight) one or more letters for the kerning operation (ie, 
kerning is a property of the letters, not of a position between two 
letters). Sometimes the easiest way to highlight letters is to click 
adjacent to where you want to start, hold down the Shift key and use the 
arrow keys to select as many letters as you like.
Then you can use Properties > Text (Properties window, Text tab), which 
looks something like the picture here:

Once you have letters highlighted, adjust the value (%) in the box 
denoted by A|V (middle value box in the right column).


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