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Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Tue Nov 14 13:16:00 CET 2006

My problem was a password protected file.  Once I took out the
protection, it worked perfectly.


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Open new document in Scribus.
Create a Text Area
Right Click in area
Select get text -> browse and select the document - > click open Nothing

Do the same with Append text, and nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?  I have never tried this before, so I am
just trying to expand my knowledge a little.


Hello Nick
What is the dot extension of your text file, if you have no dot ext then
Scribus won't insert it. I found it annoying at first but it is really a
safety precaution that should be observed.
If you have .txt or .sxw it should  placce in the text box, however if
you have a text file with no extention it will not show up.
I ran into this problem some time ago so every text file I put in a text
box is now saved in the Story Editor as  name_version.txt where name is
the name of the text and version  is the latest change to the original
text file. for example Locations Of Events_2.txt I use plain text files
and no longer use external formatting, doing all formatting within

Works well for me.

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