[Scribus] Translational question

Axel Bojer axelb
Mon Nov 13 12:07:45 CET 2006

I am wondering just how much of the skript guiding string can, and 
should, be translated. Here are som examples:

   setDocType(facingPages, firstPageLeft)
But the danish translation has:
   setDocType(modst?endeSider, f?rsteSideVenstre)
Can this be right? I suppose it should be left as is, because these are 
constants that can be used in a script?

And what about:

   getUnit() -> heltall (Scribus enhetskonstant)
   getUnit() -> integer (Scribus unit constant)


As I have not diggen into the scripting part it is a bit hard for me to 
tell exatly what has to be left as is (that is: which parts can actually 
  be used as arguments and wich parts are just explanations in plain 

Hope someone can give some general explanations :-)

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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