[Scribus] memory issues using images

ols6000 at sbcglobal.net ols6000
Sun Nov 12 19:35:02 CET 2006

At 12:41 AM 11/11/2006, you wrote:
>Again, you can try again and file this bug yourself (category Website,
>please describe the steps to reproduce and your browser) or send the bug
>description to me -- please this time no screenshots, only text that can
>be copied and pasted.

I am now able to file a bug report, which you will see as 004519 (a 
test only, you can delete it). I don't know exactly what the 
difference was, and I didn't want to create 60 spurious bug reports 
to find out.

On the issue of the JPEG images, I have installed under 
WinXP, and this is able to import the test image, which could 
not. There is now a warning that the resolution tags are missing, 
which was not present before. I believe it also can print without error.

I apologize for not responding to your rq for my user ID sooner; we 
were in the process of moving, and computers were taken apart.

Thanks for your help. 

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